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Lands' End is an American clothing and home decor retailer founded in 1963 and based in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, that specializes in casual clothing, luggage, and home furnishings. The majority of the company's business is conducted through mail order and Internet sales, but the company also has retail stores, primarily in the Upper Midwest, along with international shops in the UK, Germany, Japan, France and Austria. From 2002 to 2014, Lands' End was a subsidiary of Sears Holdings.

A disappointed costumer named Marti s. Wrote this review in sitejabber: 

December 31st,2019

"Not only did the jeans I purchased not fit (the "rise" was too short), but when I realized it would cost me almost 25% of the purchase price to return a pair of jeans I had purchased from Lands' End, I thought I'd find a storefront and return them there instead. To my dismay, there isn't a Lands' End near our northern Virginia home! Online I found two locations near where we would be spending the holidays - and again - image my dismay when I got there to find BOTH the Sarasota and Tampa locations are "permanently closed!"

ASK me if I'll EVER buy from Lands' End again!



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Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Corporate is incompenent at best. Had no plan to open up new stores outside of Dodgeville. They should have stayed in Sears where some sort of plan was there for them instead of attempting to make something up as they go along. Who opens a store with no Policy and Procedure Manual? I have never worked for a company so insensitive for the people that worked for them. The entire management team had such anxiety working there, it was awful. If you're looking for work/life balance, this isn't it."

Former Employee - Account Specialist says

"Health insurance coverage is some of the worst I've had in my professional career. Expect premiums to be about $220 per month with an $800 deductible for which nothing is covered until you meet the deductible. Senior leadership is out of touch wih its staff. I rarely saw the team leaders from the Outfitters side, including the two director level people below the VP. Leaders value aggressive play for themselves types rather than team builders."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People in higher positions treat anyone lower position terribly. Unfair treatment and favoritism from people in power."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Poor leadership plays favorites lies about hours you will get"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This review is from an individual with a degree in management and soon to have 35+ years in the workforce. I have worked for Lands' end for 10+ years and can say that this review is my personal opinion and beliefs about this company based on my personal experiences. it is my opinion that this company is an unhealthy place to work with a truly toxic work environment. This company is plagued with problems which include the following: a lack of ethics and values in both its management and a great many of its workers, backstabbing, brown-nosing , favoritism by management, dishonest activities by workers and so called "leaders". This company has gone out of its way to ensure that employees receive as little as possible for working for this company. The company revised its work week making Saturday the first day of the week so it could avoid paying overtime to hundreds of employees who work for its Lebo division. Workers in this division are mandated to work up to 50 plus hours per week from July through January and do not get overtime for all the weekends they work. Employees' benefits in many other ways have been severely downgraded by this company. Employees' benefitted hours have been prorated in favor of the company with extraordinary high limits set to earn a full days pay for vacation, personal time, and holidays. They even hold hours they send you home against the calculations they use to determine your benefits. Schedules are posted 3 days or less before you may have to work and you are supposed to have requests in for time off at least a week or more ahead. The scheduling practices used allow for no chance of work life balance. Vacation requests are quite often held until days before the time requested time off before being approved or denied. Employees in the Lebo division are not allowed to take vacation during the company's busy time from July through January. Once again providing no work life balance employees severely burn out and many get sick during this period. Management does not listen to the concerns and ideas of the employees and treat them like something owned by the company showing little respect or concern for them. This company does not even provide their workers with the basic things that they need to do their jobs. Workers do not have qualified management or the equipment they need to do their job such as carts to put completed work on , hoops to complete work and much more. Equipment is not properly maintained or replaced when needed up to the point that workers may have been possibly injured due to this. Money is the motivator for this company above everything else. Workers who have worked for this company for 30 years or more are earning less than $15 per hour and are maxed out. This is while the Ceo earned more than 4 million dollars in compensation acccording to public reports. This company has a tremendous amount of bloat in the company, in the number of executives it has and it continues to add more while not hiring more workers and paying them better as well as setting more realistic expectations for workers. Workers are expected to make unattainable quotas doing very physically demanding work and work extremely long hours at the demands of the company. Workers in this company suffer from low morale due to being grossly underappreciated, pushed to meet unrealistic rates, suffering from low pay and provided no chance for growth or work life balance."

Current Employee - Assistant Designer says

"- Poor Management - Indecisive Leadership - No Promotions - No housing / long commutes"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sales management trying to turn LEBO into a Aramark, or Cintas and bring with it their east coast attitude and bulldozer style management into a midwest culture. Account Executives, Regional Sales Executives, National Account Managers, and other loyal employees not treated with respect. Top sales leaders have never sold in industry, or for Lands' End Business or spent time in the field to gain an understanding of what challenges are faced, and yet, make critical decisions about sales reps goals, quotas, etc from sitting in an office behind a desk. There is no direction given to reps, and sales strategies change every 6 months. Reps are not given a chance to ramp up as a new hire, and sales quotas are unrealistic. Very questionable HR practices and several pending lawsuits as a result. Base pay is poor, quotas are (still) unattainable, and commissions are VERY poor, not even industry standard, and turnover is well over 65% year in and year out. Anyone looking for a great sales job can find a better paying job both base salary-wise, commissions, perks, benefits, etc with thousands of other companies. I would not recommend any sales job as the commissions, and ability to make any money are very slim. This is a VERY tough industry to sell logo'd apparel too....most companies are going casual, and not interested in buying or forcing employees to wear uniforms. Morale for inside sales, field sales and national sales is very low. I have never worked at a place where no one can find good things to say about their job, upper management, their role, or outlook of their team. Sad to see loyalty, hard work, and dedication of top employees be forced out or leave for better jobs who respect them. Still stuck in the 1980's technology, and not interested in upgrades, or hiring quality/experienced people to install and/or implement. In short, it is a circus."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management on the Business Outfitters side is absolutely terrible. They set unrealistic expectations and give you no resources to meet them. I have never seen and experienced such disrespect from former and current members of the leadership team. They blatantly talk down to and scream at employees in front of others. IT is backed up by years. It's impossible to implement any new programs. Don't let the perks blind you - this place is awful."

Current Employee - Infrastructure Engineer says

"The IT organization is basically a fire department with no prevention. Management doesn't care about ideas that are not their own. My first day I was bombarded with warnings about the manager and senior manager being terrible leaders. They act like they want to hire top talent but they make all decisions within the leadership team and don't heed advice or ideas from individual contributors. I had high hopes, they do a good job of selling the culture but IT does not operate like the rest of the organization."

Current Employee - Planning says

"You are treated like a child - your every movement you make and decision you make is questioned and challenged. It's even to a point where you talk to your cubicle neighbor and your bosses remind you to keep quiet and get back to work. Literally like an elementary school environment. Your bosses are just that - bosses, not leaders. You will never be told whether or not you're doing a good job, even during a review - in which you will not get a raise during, as the company has not given them in years. You are not in an environment of growth - if you want to grow, you're best going to another company."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Used to be a great place to work many years ago but has done a complete 180 over time. I am going to tell you like it is. After spending way to many years there I can tell you the moral of employees couldn't be any worse. Most people hate the place. They will treat you like dirt, management there is always out to get you, there is no such thing as a job well done they are trained to always tell you top do better and go faster no mater how good you are or how fast you are and this is across the board in all areas and departments. Most leads and supervisors are snippy, rude and don't care about employees. They talk down to you, make rude comments and are not the least bit helpful anytime you need assistance. It's like all employees have a big target on their back and they want to get you for something is all they care about. Management is really one of the biggest issues for such low moral, way to many bad attitudes and have shaped the culture in such a poor way that it is beyond recovery. Now pay and benefits, it used to be good pay and excellent insurance but that too has taken a back seat to other companies they have not kept wages up with the times and they have stripped many benefits over the years. Any time the company wants to save some $$$ they find something to take away from the employees. Insurance is now expensive and not very good coverage. Local cheese factories are offering better starting wages then some make here after being there many years. Now if you are one of the ones who are dedicated and gave most of your life to the company and have 30+not manyeverytghing"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"limited flexibility, there is lack of work/life balance. Difficult for advancement , benefit premiums seem high, noisy workplace enviroment, coworkers were great to work with."

stocking (Current Employee) says

"1 HR 12 hrs never Know send you home after. 2 hrs slavery China .lie too other places when you apply 4 other jobs tell them your a full time employees all 4 them not 4 youLeave earlySlavery. 3thrd world country"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Too many meetings, lack of transparency and communication by leaders, little flexibility, no professional development, limited growth opportunity, sacrifices long-term for short term $"

Housekeeper and Laundry (Current Employee) says

"They lied to me for a whole year. Promised me a job several times. I never got it they gave the job away to someone else and told me that I don't do a good job and I do do a good jobBooEverything"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the Land's End Department in Sears as a department manager. Land's End is its own brand within Sears that leases space for selling Lands End Clothing/Accessories/Shoes etc. What was so frustrating about this job was that there was only a district manager that came to the store like maybe 3 times max out of the whole year. Everything is communicated through conference calls, reading offline or from books. When I do need help from management to override something or need something minor (like getting a fitting room door fixed) Sears management is never around to help or I have to ask so many times through email to just get some attention. Land's End wants us to sell but we can never do that because Sears never had enough staff to cover cashiers. We would be stuck in line many hours just because the kids & women's registers are closed. Mind you there is only 3 main registers (Mens, Womens, Kids) to check out. So they only staff the Mens department and leave leave Land's End & Fine Jewlery registers open on one side of the store. How are we suppose to keep up with sales & cashier other departments items too? There's not enough time & patience for this job especially not with the amount being paid. If Land's End was its own store that actually had better help with upper management then it would be a good company to work. Lands End will continue to lose customers if it continues to lease inside Sears stores! What I enjoy about this job is being able to set up the department with new seasonal clothing, props & signing. Being a manager you get to do the schedules andDo your own schedulePoor Management, low-pay, no advancement opportunity, treated like the stepchild to the rest of Sears"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Unload trucks with new product, stock shelves, package product and load onto trucks. Hardest part of the day was asking management for anything. The most enjoyable part of the day was being able to talk to coworkers from time to time.bring your own musicToo hostile of an environment"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for. The bosses there are highly critical and will write you up for almost anything while they themselves do almost no work."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Employees are viewed as just another number that can be easily replaced. They dont take the time to listen to the demands or concerns of the employees. You are overworked and underpaid."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad stressful work environment. Not a comfortable place to work. No real leadership. No real store goals. Everything had to be done by the book every if it did not fit your store in displays and store layout."

Packing and Shipping (Current Employee) says

"The management here is horrible. Most of the people are so power hungry that they won’t even let you go to the bathroom. Even as a flex employee they refuse to work with the fact that I have to take my young child to school."

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"IT department high turn over. Heavily dependent on outsourced Indian company TCS with H1B manpower. Unless you work like H1B guys long hours or over time for free I do not recommend."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of support from upper management. They do not like ideas from outside on how to improve the business. CEO has been trying to change, but a culture of this is how we do it, will not allow new ideas to change the processes. Competing areas within are not on the same page to produce product and deliver based on new direction."

Picker and Packer (Former Employee) says

"reliable lovely environment I learned how to pick and pack management were really nice the hardest part of the job was packing the clothes the most enjoyable part of the job was working on the warehouse floor."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"It sounds like a good opertunity if its not located in a Sears store. I work for a MegaShop and nothing about it is right. We have had more then three people quit in less than a month period. There is NO chance for moving up in the company unless your favored over other employees. The Management at my location are completely under-trained and treat the hourly employees bad. Sears has a "hiring" problem so they can't hire more then $7.40. Myself and three other employees were promised different amounts hourly and not a single amount became true.Lands' End as a company is Great! I love the policies and standards. But when you bring in sears you get problems. I can tell you i cannot stand working here. Also they will tease you with fulltime for months and not give it to you once.hourly employee treatment, favortism, no advancement in company, poor pay, employee treatment"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"You are not always treated fairly. You get much better treatment if you are buddies with management staff. Same with advancement, it's all about who you are not what you know."

Packing/Returns (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Dodgeville Lands End for 16 years. No advancement opportunities, bad management, hours suck. I was sick of working 20 hours a week so asked to be transferred to another department. Management told me no because I was to valuable. So I left went back to college. A year later I asked for an internship they told me no because I didn't have enough experience. (The lady doing the phone interview didn't call at the scheduled time, i had to call several times to hunt her down, obviously I wasnt important enough for her) And are you kidding me not enough experience 16 years. The only way you get promoted is partying with management. No health benefits either. The only way this job is worth it is if you are looking for a part time job and you live in town. And you better have a flexible schedule because one day you will work 10 hours and the next 5 hours.Nice employeesBad management, no health care, hours, no job advancement opportunities."

Salaried Professional Manager (Former Employee) says

"6 CEOs in 13 years. What else do you need to know? There is no stability and the employee turnover among salaried professionals is outrageous. The talented people have left. The morale is terrible among those remaining because they don't replace anyone and the work still has to be done. The workload is staggering; and people are routinely working all night at home (I know because of the emails I get and the IMs that I get). The technology is terrible everywhere. Plus, the place is so far into the boonies that you can barely get a decent cell signal, and you can forget about getting out for lunch because there are only a couple of restaurants. I can't drive by a McDonalds or a Culvers anymore without getting sick. On the other hand, if you're a hourly worker, it's not bad. But this is a company where you want to be hourly, not salary.None.Workload vs adequate staff to get it done."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Landsend had a return policy for its customers that had no time limit. Customers would return USED backpacks and clothing once the school year was over. This policy was unrealistic and caused working there to be an absolute nightmare. Customers were often stressed northshore moms who acted intitled and rude which caused workers to have high stress and anxiety levels. The more seasoned workers of landsend would then take their frustration out on new and younger employees. Often these same workers would dump their jobs onto us and stay chatting at the front desk. If you ask me, that is quite the abuse of power, ESPECIALLY given that our pay was not fair or equal. However, at the time I had a lot going on in my life as well and wasn't doing much to help myself which made me a pretty unhappy and unenthusiatic employee. I felt afraid and didn't bring these issues to HR. I wish someone would have just talked to me and asked if I needed help instead of intimidation and bullying from management and two of the staff members (close to management) to build their "oh so low" self-esteems. Once worker had a rip in her stockings and the manager instead of asking her to change pointed and said "what are you weariiiiing" as she ran her finger along her leg and thigh!!!!. Good rule of thumb as a manager: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EMPLOYEES. Thought that would be implied, but I guess not...I forgive everyone who worked there. I believe everyone acts the way they do for a reason, but I will not tolerate that kind of behavior and I hope things get better for all of you!high quality school uniformspoorly run business, mistreatment of staff"

Wausau East High School Volleyball Coach (Current Employee) says

"Same work everyday. Production line. I learned so much while working there. I learned how not to manage people but also gain some lifelong friends. It is a great place for college students to get a start and make great pay!PayManagement"

Phil from Crawley says

"Sent some of my parcel back for a refund before Christmas. Just realised that I haven’t heard anything. Checked with Hermes and it says parcel is still in transit. What is going on? Have to ring tomorrow and no doubt get stuck in a queue again"

clothingmaven says

"I recently purchased several item through their website using a code for free shipping over $75. When I received email confirmation, they were out of stock on one item, but it still reflected free shipping. They charged me $9.50 shipping anyway. I tried three times to get them to correct this, including sending them the email that reflects the correct amount, and shows that I originally ordered over $75. I ended up disputing it through my credit card company. I've shopped at Lands End since the nineties, but after dealing with three inept customer service reps, I'm done."

Sylvia Holmes says

"No order confirmation received then got email saying one item was no longer available. Goods came and the item wasn’t there as I expected . however it was on the invoice and I have been charged for it which seems fraudulent to me. Can’t get through to them so have sent email which probably will be ignored. Never again!"

Cindy says

"I like Lands End products - they are good quality! I ordered over $100 for 2020 Christmas gifts and unfortunately sizing was an issue. I returned most of my order Dec 26. 2020. On Jan 4, 2021, I inquired about my return. Their customer service informed me it will take 5-6 WEEKS for them to receive my return because of our USPS and Covid issues. I asked how to track my return to make sure it was even in the USPS system and Lands Ends said the return isn't even trackable for the same 5-6 week time period. Wish I had know that - I would not of ordered. How can Amazon credit a return at the UPS store drop off location (before the return even leaves the UPS store) ??? Lands End you need to figure this issue out !!"

June Partridge says

"My complaint is regarding returns. I returned shoes for replacement size on December 7th. The replacement size was shipped promptly and charged immediately. As of December 30th my return item has not yet arrived at destination. I used the Lands End return label. Why does it take so long?"

Stan Potocki says

"First time bought something there. Weeks after return, not credited back. Called, terrible customer service."

Big Mama says

"HORRIBLE SERVICE Placed an order 11/30, some items were on back ordered so I knew their would be a delay. I call and check on status and they tell me they sent me an email saying my payment was declined. I NEVER received and email, yes I checked junk & spam. I use this same card for EVERY purchase I make and my info is saved on my phone so I know the info is correct. Extremely unhappy with the service from this company! I will never ever purchase anything from them again. EVER!!!! Horrible horrible horrible business!!!"

Jackie Peaty says

"This is the second time when I have placed an order the item is marked as "in stock" only to receive the usual email later saying that it is not in stock and delivery would be in about two weeks. - I am still waiting. Their stock control is useless and I have learnt my lesson this time and will not order from them again."

Clyde Hakim says

"The quality of Lands End sail Rigger Oxford cloth shirts has declined tremendously! Really thin thread count, shirt has no structure, feels and looks like gauze! Went from being made in China (which is bad enough) to now being made in Bangladesh! The whole point was to create a comfortable, sporty American shirt! Been a customer for 15 years...but no more! C.H."

Rick Bogdanski says

"It took close to a month for them to ship my order. I contacted them several time and they could not locate it, they just kept saying wait a few more days....When it finally came they sent the wrong pair of pants and the wrong size sweater!"

Becky Irwin says

"Lands' End I don't see "0" stars! You are the worst company in the world. I don't know what happened but customer service is a nightmare, horrible and rude. I placed an order and cancelled because I remembered LE doesn't ship pants the correct length. You order a 30inch inseam it comes 29", etc. So I cancelled it w/in 24hrs. Now 6 days later I called to ask where is my credit on my credit card. No one could tell me. Talked to so called 'supervisor' she was the worst. LE use to be real nice do everything to make it right. This company is the devil now. Never will I order from LE. I have been a customer since 1980! DONE! Your merchandise is sad and your customer service team is pathetic."

Jon Nicholson says

"Placed my very first order with with the understanding there was a totally free refund policy if the product wasn't right. I unfortunately had to return the coat I had ordered. After several emails and online chats, I finally got a partial refund - not what I expected. So basically it cost me $27.01 to try on a coat. No more online purchases for me!"

Juliet Shen says

"Returned a purchase using their USPS prepaid shipping label. After one month, no refund. They claim in isn't in their system."


"I was purchasing with Cyber deals. Before you ck out, underneath has listed - save an additional 50% on first order if you sign up today for a Lands End credit card. I opened and read the fine print which said included sales and clearance. I signed up and was approved. I went back to my cart and everything returned to full price vs the sale price. Then it gave me the Credit card discount off of full priced items which was the same discount if I hadn’t signed up at all. To me- it’s a SCAM. Totally false advertising. Now I need to go through the hassle of closing a CC that I only applied for was because of the discount. Very mis-leading and I wouldn’t want anyone else to fall for this"

jo kent says

"I cannot belive that I have to pay to return items,I will never use them again and have changed my returns from two items to the lot! These days how can any company charge to return,dreadful."

Paula Goodlett says

"I ordered several items in early December. One item was on back order. They gave me the option of a refund or waiting until January for the item to be back in stock. The item arrived today but it had been worn and had pilling on the fabric where someone wore this and their legs rubbed together! Hard to believe they would not dispose of returned worn items."

Angie says

"Although the quality of goods are very good and I’ve had a fair few bargains over the years i usually click on the many e mails i get bombarded with. Offers such as free delivery in bold large letters are followed with tiny letters. Spend over 50 pound Also I’ve found that when they actually give you ten pounds off promotion especially sale items that the same goods have in fact been increased by ten pounds Suddenly I have fallen out with lands end in the past and didn’t buy for ages from them and i think now i shall part company again and take my custom elsewhere the customer service if you need them i find very good that and the quality deserve the three stars"